Local Government


Representing a local government is a privilege. I am mindful at all times that while the client takes the form of commissioners, council members, chairmen and mayors, the actual beneficiaries of my services are the taxpayers. Likewise, I must be a good steward of public monies expended on my services. Responsiveness, efficiency and competency are the keys to effective representation of a local government.
– Andrea P. Gray

Knowledge Of The Unique Legal Needs Of Local Governments.

Andrea Gray has over a decade of experience representing local governments.  Her experience ranges from day-to-day legal advice to guiding development authorities through billion dollar economic development projects and bond issues.  Most noteworthy, she represented the Joint Development Authority of Jasper County, Morgan County, Newton County and Walton County through its transactions with Baymare, LLC in 2021 and Facebook in 2018 which each included a $750 million investment, hundreds of jobs and a $42 billion bond issuance.  She also represented the Authority through its transaction with Baxter Healthcare Corporation (now Takeda) which brought 1,500 jobs and a $1.1 billion investment to the four-counties’ Stanton Springs development.  She has handled over $60 mill worth of real estate transactions for the JDA in 2021 and over $90 mill in 2022.  Most recently, she represents the JDA in its transactions with Rivian Automotive which will bring 7,500 jobs and a $5 billion investment to the region.

Andrea has provided legal services for:  Newton County Board of Commissioners, Warren County, the City of Bostwick, the Loganville Development Authority, the Walnut Grove Downtown Development Authority, the Joint Development Authority of Jasper County, Morgan County, Newton County and Walton County, Joint Development Authority of DeKalb County, Newton County and Gwinnett County, Walton County Board of Commissioners, and the Walton County Water & Sewer Authority.

Experienced In The Legal Services Local Governments Need Most.

Andrea’s services to these local governments have included:

  • Acting as local counsel on bond validation proceedings
  • Preparation of inducement agreements and tax abatement agreements for economic development projects
  • Land acquisition (land exchanges, land purchases, land sales, right-of-way projects)
  • Representation of the tax assessor’s office and tax commissioner’s offices
  • Litigation (ad valorem property tax appeals, challenges to ordinances, etc)
  • Contract preparation and review
  • Facilitation of building projects
  • Attend and present at public meetings
  • Prepare minutes and agendas and circulate notices for public meetings
  • Ensure compliance with Open Meetings and Open Records Acts

Experience on both sides

Andrea also has extensive experience in rezoning property for private developers and property owners.  She successfully navigates clients through the application and public hearing processes to obtain the required approvals.  She has rezoned properties for residential, commercial and industrial developments.